Kerstin Heitmann

Compliance with chemicals legislation


European companies are subject to extensive and complex obligations under chemicals legislation. As a consultant with many years of experience, I identify the relevant requirements for a wide range of operations and products. I then work together with the companies concerned to develop practical solutions.

Since the REACH Regulation entered into force, I have evaluated, registered, notified, or compiled applications for authorisation for companies from various sectors. A large portion of my work involves metals and metal compounds.

The goal of the legislation is to ensure a high level of protection for human health and the environment while improving competitiveness and innovation. Keeping this in mind is a prerequisite for providing optimum support to my customers.

Chemical Compliance

“Chemical Compliance” also means thinking outside the box. New legal challenges must be detected early on in order to incorporate them and enable sustainable product development on the market.

After all, European chemicals legislation is not rigid structure. Further developments are related to legal provisions for individual substances, for example classification, restriction, and authorisation. New or more stringent general requirements are added. I follow up these developments and discuss them with my extensive interdisciplinary network.

Discussing and cooperating on questions of chemicals legislation


Discussing issues relating to chemicals legislation is my daily business which I pursue with passion. I’ve been involved with REACH, CLP and Co. since 2001 when the first drafts for a new European chemicals legislation were developed.

As early as 2003 and 2005, I participated in pilot trials based on the first REACH drafts, the results of which had an impact on the adopted legal text. But even today REACH is still a learning system. There are many implementation issues to which there is no simple answer.

In my consultancy work, I can draw on many “best-practice” examples. However, it is also apparent that company-wide solutions and cooperation agreements are becoming increasingly important. This is where I am a moderator and a coordinator.